DANCE MOMS EPISODE 1 (PART 1) **reaction** l Abby Lee Miller (2023)


YOU ALL ASKED FOR IT!!! I am FINALLY reacting to the first episode of DANCE MOMS...This is going to be NUTS! Let's see how much I can get through... Let me know your favorite episodes in the comments below!

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Abby lee miller here welcome back to my channel today I am reacting to the first episode of dance moms.

It's what you all want.

It's not what I want, but I'm going to do it for you.

I had no intentions of being on a television show.

You all know that right that I was never on the show.

To begin with, I was just an on-camera choreographer.

So if they caught me on camera, like you know, I wouldn't do anything like that.

It was okay for me to be on camera.

I think if I was on it from the beginning, maybe it would have had a different name.

I don't know, but since I'm not using the music I'll just go ahead and do it for you living on the dance floor there you go, there's the incline, there's our bridges, there's southside and the ivy dance company, which is nowhere near any of that hello.

I am today's the first day of competition season.

How are you they walk in first day preparing for competition season right, I'm sitting behind the desk.

I never sit behind the desk.

I would be in the studio having a private lesson with someone that booked it.

You know right before classes start.

I will tell you this right here was kind of the demise or the biggest problem in the show.

Dance moms is that these kids were coming in after school to dance class, with all my other students and that's just what killed me.

These kids should have had to be homeschooled right off the bat when they signed a contract to be on the show the moms, their kids should have had to be homeschooled.

This way we could shoot all day without any interruptions and without taking time energy rooms space away from my paying customers kind of crazy in here today, who's the first one that comes in little, miss sunshine, smile, smile, smile to your face and stick that knife in your back here today, hi hello, chipper this morning, the kids are really really excited.

I'm very excited too.

I love competition time ready to work, we're ready, mia walks in and she has on a little like baby chanel suit, it's pink and it's adorable and she looks great but she's coming to dance class where's, your sweatpants, you know, and your sweatshirt or your hoodie, or your t-shirt and your flip-flops and you throw them off it's april.

She looks like she's going to church on easter sunday, the chief choreographer of the abby lee dance company right here in pittsburgh, pennsylvania there I am there.

I am okay.

Now there's a clip, tiny little split, second of my senior company coming out of a class and that's talent, some amazing dancers, a young man that you can see plain as day who did audition for the show is now in hamilton and he's also featured in the film as one of the jets in steven spielberg's west side story.

I could not be prouder of this kid.

Some girls are walking right behind him and they are amazing, fabulous working with kanye west on world tours where they're here they're there everywhere really talent, but their mothers are sweet and nice and pay their bills.

On time, so they don't really make good tv, saute, coupe, cheney.

People around the country know me they know abby lee, because I produce stars.

I produce amazing and right off the bat episode.

One was really not the first episode, but we had to reshoot stuff because I wasn't in those episodes, they're shooting all the trophies all over the place.


That was a big thing for them.

They, like the costumes they like the trophies in the very first episode I state I make stars it wasn't some flamboyant remark: it wasn't a lie and I go on to say I produce employable working dancers.

You can be a great dancer.

You can win a ton of trophies, but that doesn't mean that you're employable employable means you're, punctual on time that you're prepared.

I say that all the time I hashtag it, you can be an amazing dancer.

You can win all the trophies in the world crowns and banners that doesn't mean you're going to book the jobs.

The people that book the jobs can do everything tap.

Jazz ballet acrobatics gymnastics, aerial work, silks hip-hop, so I pride myself on my students being able to go to an audition and do anything a choreographer throws at them and be tough.

I would rather make you cry and upset you in my class in my studio, in a safe space in pittsburgh, pennsylvania because I don't want you to be humiliated on the floor of a dance convention with 800, kids, playable dancers.

I know how to groom these children and raise these kids wow.

They have pictures of the lobby of the studio with all the winners, nice oof.

Okay, stop I've told you three times in five minutes.

It's not a step back.

I've told you three times in five minutes: it's not a step up.

What am I talking about a round off back handspring, a round off lance on two feet? A back handspring starts on two feet finishes on two feet: legs together.

What do they keep doing a round off and then a backhand spring, and you step out of it so you're up in the handstand and you step down one two? No, that's not what we're doing when you watch the tv show and I'm screaming, like a lunatic at these kids straighten your legs point your feet: it's not the first time I told them.

It's not even the third time I told them.

It's probably like the 25th time.

I've told them.

So, of course, I'm not nice anymore.

I'm not sweet anymore.

I'm not being this politically correct, dance teacher! No, I'm like livid.

How many times do I have to tell you the same thing? The kids are nervous.

The cameras.

Are there the guys standing with the cameras are in their way they're like round nothing into them and the guys won't move like they don't realize.

They're gonna get kicked in the face, or maybe somewhere else start again suck it up.

I don't want to see those tears, I'm preparing them for a career suck it up.

I don't want to see those tears now.

Would I really say that to a sexual yeah? If I let them cry, then their mother comes down or I send them out of the room crying then the mother is there or or other students.

Are there if the moms aren't there, which the moms aren't really there all the time like that? I can't let it get to that.

I have to be the tough coach and I have to say suck it up, because I know she can do it and if she tries it a few more times she'll do it and then the tears will disappear.

All right, girls, it's the first day of rehearsal for the new competition season.

Oh I like to have that shirt.

I used to like that black t-shirt with the sequins every single competition.

We are doing a new routine girls.

Don't look at your mothers, so a lot of my famous quotes I used in the very first episode.

I had no idea what I was doing.

That's just the way.

I talk all the time.

Why did all the kids look at their mothers when I said we're learning a new routine, because they're freaking out the ones that paid attention to that and heard a new routine every week just lost their minds.

They can't learn a new routine.

Every week you might get straight a's in school and that's great, but picking up choreography is different.

The ability to comprehend movement fast is a gift.

It's a talent! You have to work on that by going to dance conventions, these kids are little some of the dance conventions that come to pittsburgh.

You have to be 13 and over to even go.

When the kids sat in a chair next to mommy and were interviewed to get on a tv show, they never danced nobody danced.

It wasn't like a chorus line.

Five, six, seven, eight, a five six, seven, eight! No, they just sat in a chair like I'm cute.

That was it so now.

They're gonna learn a new routine every week and they can't handle that and that right there is the beginning of all the problems right there.

That element on the show in the format of learning a new number every week that destroyed our relationships because I had to push them.

It was my name: they were the ivy league, dance company.

They were representing me: they weren't professional dancers, auditioning to be on a dance show.

They were just supposed to be cute little kids.

It was about the moms and that changed real quick.

Do you have a nice day? I definitely think my girls are like little dolls.

I'd love to dress them up.

There's me, there's me my ex to be it claims that dance has ruined our marriage.

Her husband claimed that dance ruined her marriage.

That's interesting! I don't think it was dancing.

I hate how they say that dance ruined her marriage that dance that pittsburgh dance move, how about the art of dance, how about dance class? How about my child's involvement in dance or how about you know this whole dancing school thing has taken over our lives.

No, my ex calls me a crazy dance mom, but I really am not.

I want our kids to be happy.

That's what this is all about.

It's about the kids and about them shining on stage and about them becoming stars.

Manny doesn't have a normal life.

Her whole world revolves around dance.

Well, that's true.

Her whole world did, but she chose that the kid wanted to be there when they brought her in at.

I don't know four or five years old the child spoke for herself maddie spoke and she said I want to take tap and hip hop, and I said well sweetie here at my studio you can't just take what you want when you're five or four years old, you have to take the advanced preschool class and it has tap jazz, acrobatic tumbling, that's what's in the class, it's an hour class and you get 15 minutes of each thing.

Now we're going to add on an extra half hour, hip hop I'm going to let you try it see if you can do it after, like a month or so.

The mother kept bugging me, so I'm like yeah sticker in it.

So she took an hour preschool and then she took a half an hour hip hop and she excelled she loved it.

She loved being there she loved being the best.

So when your whole life revolves around dance, it's because you wanted it to.

It was where you shined girls.

What are you doing? Those legs are about as straight as elton john watch that right elbow.

We are five days out from competition in phoenix elton john fan of the show knew who I was.

I went to very my very first elton john oscar viewing party uh with the network.

They had tickets and I got one of them and it was amazing and neil patrick harris just came over to me to my table going on and on about when I have kids they're coming to you and I'm going to be downstairs in that room, because I want to hear what you're saying I want to hear those corrections and uh just it was just amazing.

Oh, this is gonna, be a doozy daughter chloe, who is nine? Yes, I am.


Is her state title that she's won and she's also won a national title? It's my job to make sure all those little things are taken care of behind the scenes and that's true.

Her mother always had the kid dressed immaculately.

She always had everything she needed.

She did everything.

She was like a micro manager to be careful.

How I say this, which didn't let her child think for herself that little girl was very playful and comical, and but she was silly and she I don't want to say she fooled around in class, but she had fun in class.

She also loved to dance.

I just think her mom thinking so much for her and making sure every detail was perfect.

The kid felt that the dance had to be perfect too, and that was me making her come on come on come on.

She just would freak herself out.

She realized that her mother wanted her to win needed her to win she'd, better win, and then me telling her you can win come on.

You can do this.

Let's, let's do it again.

Do it again turns on right turns right: let's do it again and uh.

I think the kid would just freak out and she never did one solo- that we taught her from beginning step, one to the ending pose.

It was never exactly what we taught her, but she never missed a day of school.

She wasn't allowed.

So we wanted to have a little look at the first episode of dance, moms, guess what I just got through eight minutes and 41 seconds, and I've told you a million things, and I can tell you a million more.

That was eight minutes and the episodes are an hour less than commercials.

It's like 43 minutes.

Are you sure you want to hear all this? Are you really sure then come back to my channel, because I have a lot more to say about a lot more that happened on dance, moms, subscribe turn on your notifications like and come back and comment below.

If you want to see more, you.


DANCE MOMS EPISODE 1 (PART 1) **reaction** l Abby Lee Miller? ›

| Episode 1 | Dance moms season 2 episode 9, Show Girls. This episode was banned due to how inappropriate it was.

What episode of Dance Moms was deleted? ›

| Episode 1 | Dance moms season 2 episode 9, Show Girls. This episode was banned due to how inappropriate it was.

What did Maddie say about Abby Lee? ›

Maddie said that "for the longest time, we felt so guilty," as Abby "trained me, she helped me." "But also," Maddie continued, "I knew I would be okay without her and I was sick of being in a toxic environment. I was like, 'This is not for me. I can't do this.

What did Abby say that made Chloe leave Dance Moms? ›

"Abby called my daughter ugly and made fun of her lazy eye. It's not her fault that she have a lazy eye! I mean, she was born with it." Christi told them with a furious look on her face, that made Ava, Ryan and Jeanette furious, she heard what Abby said as well.

Do any of the Dance Moms cast talk to Abby? ›

JoJo Siwa. The Dancing With the Stars alum is one of the few Dance Moms alums who is still on good terms with Miller (and even slammed Hyland for her shady TikTok post). “I actually talk to Abby the most out of anybody from the show.

Is dance mom out of jail? ›

Abby was released from prison on May 25, 2018.

Why did dance mom go to jail? ›

Abby Lee Miller reveals warning she gave to Todd Chrisley before prison sentence. The former "Dance Moms" star previously served eight months in prison after she was convicted on tax fraud charges.

Was Abby mad when Maddie left? ›

"She was distraught [when I left]," she said of Miller. "For the longest time, we felt so guilty. She trained me, she helped me, but also, I knew I would be okay without her and I was sick of being in a toxic environment."

Does JoJo Siwa like Abby Lee Miller? ›

While you might think JoJo must hate Abby for all the torture she put her through, turns out its the complete opposite. According to an interview with ET Online in October last year, Abby said the two are on good terms and they text a lot.

Why was Abby so mean to Chloe? ›

Abby started mistreating Chloe because Christi always fought with her and antagonized Maddie. Chloe got just as many opportunities as Maddie did up until around the time The Hylands left, it just didn't seem like that because Abby was always mean every time she gave her a solo or something.

Did Abby say something about Chloe's eye? ›

Many believed that she just had a lazy eye, but it was a medical issue that would later need surgery. Miller made a comment about Chloe's eye which was edited to say “Chloe's finished, she's washed up,” and Chloe's mother, Christi, responded with “do you know anything about that kid?

Why did Chloe get an MRI? ›

We went in for an MRI the next day and found out the worst news possible. Chloe was diagnosed with a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). This is a tumor that is growing in the brainstem and cannot be removed with surgery. The diagnosis was grim, but did not discourage us from trying to beat it.

Why did Abby resign from Dance Moms? ›

“Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller says she has quit the Lifetime reality series ahead of her scheduled May sentencing on federal bankruptcy fraud charges. Miller posted on Instagram on Sunday that she will no longer take part in the show.

Are Maddie Ziegler and Abby still friends? ›

Abby Lee Miller confirmed that Maddie Ziegler isn't invited to appear on her new dance show, after Maddie dissed her former coach in an interview last year. Abby Lee Miller and Maddie Ziegler's relationship is still non-existent over six years after Maddie quit Dance Moms.

Who is Abby's favorite dance mom? ›

From the very first episode of Dance Moms, it was made abundantly clear that Maddie Ziegler was Abby Lee Miller's favorite.

How much do Dance Moms pay Abby? ›

Abby Lee Miller earned $1,500 for each episode of Dance Moms, according to Us Weekly. She said that the cast members who were dancers made $2,000 for each season 5 episode. Before that, they made $1,000. According to Women's Health, Miller's salary was even higher.

Why did Abby Lee sell her studio? ›

She said that the sale was prompted by changes to the overall model of her business. 'It was time ... I'm not in Pittsburgh teaching - I'm all over the world teaching,' Miller said. 'It was time and I'm very proud to say that my studio, my building … is going to a very great business.

Did ALDC shut down? ›

The show was funny, entertaining and watching the girls perform was always magical at the end of each episode. They really knew how to keep viewers coming back for more. Years after the show ended, Miller announced that the studio would be closing, and the building has been bought by someone else.

Is Abby Lee Miller in a wheelchair for life? ›

Miller is a reality TV personality and dance teacher who has spent most of her days using a wheelchair ever since her cancer diagnosis five years ago. Even since “Dance Moms” ended with its eighth season on Lifetime back in 2019, Miller has “never stopped dancing.”

Who was the highest paid dance mom? ›

JoJo Siwa – $20 million

The biggest earner in Dance Moms history is recognizable even by strangers to the show. JoJo Siwa may have started in Abby Lee Miller's care, but she has since rocketed past her former mentor and all of her former co-stars to become one of America's most popular celebrities.

Where is Abby Lee now? ›

The former reality star is the owner of the Abby Lee Dance Company in Los Angeles, which includes teams that compete in regional and national competitions, overall dance instruction and more. Abby also teaches virtual dance classes via Zoom. In June 2023, Abby launched her podcast, “Leave It On The Dance Floor.”

Is dance mom real or scripted? ›

It isn't 'scripted', but many of the moments on the show were instigated by the producers. They egged the moms on to create fights and drama that would not have happened otherwise. They did not hand the cast a script, but they caused much of the drama.

Why did Abby fire Miranda? ›

The Irreplaceables' group routine gets 5th overall, and the ALDC's tribute gets 2nd overall. Abby texts Miranda and fires her for choreographing a routine behind her back, and Ashlee and Brynn leave the team due to the Irreplaceables' moms verbally abusing them online.

How old is Abby Lee Miller today? ›

Is JoJo Siwa still friends with Abby? ›

In recent years, Abby, who was known for making quite frank critiques towards her students on the show, has faced criticism from those who were apart of the Lifetime series. Despite this, JoJo and Abby have seemingly remained on good terms.

Why did JoJo Siwa leave Dance Moms? ›

JoJo and her mother remained as permanent members on the team until the second half of Season 6, where the pair finally departed from the show after JoJo signed a consumer deal with Nickelodeon. They later temporarily returned to Dance Moms in Season 8 Episode 9, thus marking their final appearance on the show.

Why is Abby in a wheelchair? ›

She's also coming up on almost five years since her life-saving spinal cord surgery and being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which is what landed her in the wheelchair. For Miller, it feels like it was just yesterday when doctors told her about the life-changing diagnosis.

What is the age limit for Dance Moms? ›

Dance Moms is a T.V. series about little girls, most of them between the ages of 9 to about 16 who want to dance.

Is Dance Moms appropriate for 10 year olds? ›

Parents Need to Know

This isn't a show for kids, and there's very little of substance it offers to older viewers, but it's riddled with controversy and explosive personalities, so there's no denying its entertainment value.

Why did Paige and Brooke leave ALDC? ›

She appeared on the show alongside her sister Paige and mother Kelly until Season 4, where they were dismissed from the team following a physical altercation between Kelly and Abby in Big Trouble in the Big Apple. This altercation later resulted in a lawsuit.

What was Abby diagnosed with? ›

In a new Instagram post, Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller reflects on becoming paralyzed from the neck down due to Burkitt lymphoma. In 2018, the 56-year-old was admitted to emergency surgery for what was assumed to be an infection on her spine, but doctors discovered a cancerous mass.

What does Chloe have in her eye? ›

Once Chloe went to the doctor and started discovering what was really going on with her eye — a serious medical condition called Silent Sinus Syndrome, which meant her orbital floor had collapsed — she says that the pressure of being on the show and dealing with commenters who were judging her on her looks without ...

Why does Chloe have a lazy eye? ›

Often teased for what she thought was just a lazy eye (amblyopia), the Dance Moms star revealed that she suffers from a rare condition called silent sinus syndrome that causes painless facial asymmetry. “I started noticing it about a year ago or so, but it started getting worse this year,” she said.

Can a brain scan show stress? ›

The Brain Scan

Serin explains, it can be an indicator of stress. "Excess beta activity is associated with anxiety and obsessive thinking," says Dr. Serin. And if a scan shows decreased beta activity, it's "associated with clearer thinking and calm focus."

Can a CT scan detect mental illness? ›

Brain scans alone cannot be used to diagnose a mental disorder, such as autism, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder. In some cases, a brain scan might be used to rule out other medical illnesses, such as a tumor, that could cause symptoms similar to a mental disorder, such as depression.

What does brain MRI show that CT scan doesn t? ›

Where MRI really excels is showing certain diseases that a CT scan cannot detect. Some cancers, such as prostate cancer, uterine cancer, and certain liver cancers, are pretty much invisible or very hard to detect on a CT scan. Metastases to the bone and brain also show up better on an MRI.

Why does Maddie Ziegler not talk to Abby anymore? ›

“She trained me, she helped me, but also, I knew I would be okay without her and I was sick of being in a toxic environment. I was like, 'This is not for me. I can't do this. ' I haven't spoken to her since.”

Did Abby Lee Miller sell her dance studio? ›

Abby Lee Miller is saying goodbye to a Dance Moms landmark. In a new Instagram video, the Abby Lee Dance Studio founder confirmed her Pittsburgh, Pa., studio has been sold and will be turned into a daycare center. "It is very bittersweet for me," Abby Lee shared Jan.

Why did Season 2 episode 9 get removed from Dance Moms? ›

'Dance Moms' Season 2 Episode 9 Is Not on Hulu Due to Parent Complaints - IMDb. With eight seasons and 224 episodes, there is no shortage of content for Dance Moms fans to enjoy. Though the show officially ended years ago, it still has a pretty impressive viewership.

Why was season 3 episode 22 of Dance Moms removed? ›

In early 2021, the episode was removed from Lifetime's website and other streaming services amid the accusations surrounding Kevin Cosculluela.

What happened to Season 3 episode 7 of Dance Moms? ›

Abby indefinitely suspends Christi and Chloe, which keeps Chloe from competing against Cathy's new all-boy team “The Apple Cores.” Nia and Holly must deal with a painful medical condition from their past. In the meantime, Abby's favorite new dancer Sophia returns.

What happens in season 4 episode 21 of Dance Moms? ›

Abby kicks off the new dance season by bringing back her winning Select Team to compete against her original Elite Team for a rematch in Wheeling, WV. With Mackenzie's pop song climbing the charts, Abby rewards her with a solo against Christy's daughter Sarah.

Why did Abby quit in season 7? ›

Abby has to leave the team and studio due to court issues, leaving the moms no choice but to bring in new choreographer, Laurieann Gibson. The group routine is a strange, commercial, jazz funk dance that is very different to what the girls are used to.

Why didn t Sophia go back to Dance Moms? ›

During an interview, Sophia stated that she and her mother left Dance Moms because her grandfather had a heart attack and they wanted to be there for him, and that her mother didn't want any controversy for her. Sophia's older cousin, Nicole "Niki" Lucia, owns Danceology in San Diego.

How old was Mackenzie Ziegler in season 2? ›

Season 2, 2011-12
Start of SeasonEnd of Season
5 more rows

What season did Maddie Ziegler leave? ›

If you're a fan of Dance Moms, you know all too well how big a deal it was when Kenzie Ziegler, Maddie Ziegler, and their mother, Melissa Gisoni, left the show in season 6.

Did Maddie Ziegler leave ALDC? ›

“Definitely.” Ziegler, who was Miller's star dancer, and her little sister, Mackenzie, left the show in season 6 -- a decision Ziegler says made her feel guilty at first. “She was distraught. For the longest time, we felt so guilty,” The Fallout actress says.

Did Chloe get kicked off Dance Moms? ›

Chloe and her mother appeared on the show until Season 4, where they decided to leave the show following a fight between Abby and Christi in Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2, where although otherwise was shown in the episode, Christi later revealed that Abby had actually made fun of Chloe's medical condition.

Why was Chloe suspended in season 3? ›

Abby informs the group that Chloe was suspended because of her Mom Christi's “deplorable behavior” last week. To illustrate this point, Abby puts Brooke's headshot over Chloe's.

What episode did Abby stuff her dog? ›

The Dancing Dead

Abby retrieves her taxidermied beloved dog Broadway Baby much to the shock of the Abby Lee Dance Company. Meanwhile, Kelly secretly meets with the Dance Moms to plot her daughters' return.

What episode of Dance Moms did Kelly hit Abby? ›

The episode "Big Trouble in the Big Apple" that aired on February 11, 2014 features the competition team at New York. During the final moments of the episode, Abby Lee Miller and dance mom Kelly Hyland get into a heated argument and ends with Kelly slapping Abby across the face and pulling her hair.

What happened in season 3 episode 22 of Dance Moms? ›

Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy

Abby plays matchmaker setting Brooke up with the senior dancers. After patching up their friendship, Kelly and Christi face a point of no return when they argue again. Cathy readies her team to take on the Abby Lee Dance Company but discovers there's a rotten apple amongst the bunch.

What happens in season 3 episode 38 of Dance Moms? ›

After missing the last competition, Abby returns to the studio only to receive the wrath of the Dance Moms as she tries to focus on Nationals, which are only two weeks away. Meanwhile, Cathy sees Abby's “no-show” at the last competition as her big chance to catapult her team to number one.

What happened in season 3 episode 26 of Dance Moms? ›

Episode Info

Abby sets Brooke up with the senior dancers; Kelly and Christi argue; Cathy prepares her team to take on the Abby Lee Dance Company.


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