Best seats and capacity of MetLife Stadium (2024)

MetLife Stadium is an American football stadium located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, 8 miles (13 km) outside of New York City. It is part of the Meadowlands Sports Complex and serves as the home stadium for two National Football League (NFL) franchises: the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

The stadium is owned by the MetLife Stadium Company, a joint venture of the Giants and Jets, who jointly built the stadium using private funds on land owned by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. The stadium opened as New Meadowlands Stadium in 2010. In 2011, MetLife, an insurance company based in New York City, acquired the naming rights to the stadium. At a construction cost of approximately $1.6 billion, it was the most expensive stadium ever built, at the time it opened.

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General information

Official website:

Arena capacity: 82,500 spectators

Address: 1 MetLife Stadium Dr, East Rutherford, NJ 07073, USA

GPS coordinates for the navigator: 40°48′48.7″N 74°4′27.7″W

Year of construction: April 10, 2010

Construction cost: $1.84 million

Field: Act Global Speed S5 lawn

Seating plan of the MetLife Stadium

Best seats and capacity of MetLife Stadium (2)

Club Level

Combining perfect elevation with sideline views, the Club Level seats at MetLife stadium feature some of the best sitelines for Jets and Giants football. On the east side of the field, sections 207C-220C make up the Touchdown Club. On the opposite side, 232C-245C comprise the Toyota Club.

These sections feature wider, more comfortable seats, upscale food and beverage options, and access to a spacious climate-controlled lounge with great views of the action on the field.

Coaches Club

Sections 111C-115C make up the EY Coaches Club (formerly known as the Toyota Coaches Club) for Giants home games. The Coaches Club amenities include a private on-field deck behind the Giants bench, all inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages, access to the club lounge, and a viewing area to watch the players leaving the locker room.
Unlike traditional club seating located on the second level, this premium seating area is located at field level and offers the closest views of your favorite Giants players.

Coaches Club and Lower Prime

Sections 111C-115C make up the EY Coaches Club (formerly known as the Toyota Coaches Club) for Giants home games. The Coaches Club amenities include a private on-field deck behind the Giants bench, all inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages, access to the club lounge, and a viewing area to watch the players leaving the locker room.

Unlike traditional club seating located on the second level, this premium seating area is located at field level and offers the closest views of your favorite Giants players.

MetLife 50 Club

For Jets home games, Section 139 is known as the MetLife 50 Club. Ticketholders will have access to a private upscale lounge behind section 139, on-field access behind the visiting team bench, and all inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages.

With less than 800 seats and a prime midfield location, these are some of the most impressive and exclusive tickets for a Jets home game.

Recommended Seats for Kids and Family

Section 224B:

  • Alcohol-free section;
  • Intended to be a less rowdy area.


  • Smaller sections, easier to get to the concourse;
  • There is an overhang that protects many of the seats in the section from the weather.

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest


  • Awesome 50 yard line view;
  • Exclusive club level benefits, including upscale dining options and padded seats;
  • Access to club lounge areas.

Section 139:

  • Amazing 50 yard line view;
  • Access to on-field viewing area directly behind the visitor sideline;
  • All inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages.


  • Amazing view from the 50 yard line;
  • Access to exclusive on-field standing location only 5 yards behind the Jets sideline;
  • Opportunity to watch the Jets as they leave the locker room to take the field.


  • Excellent 50 yard line view;
  • Upscale food and beverage options;
  • Club level amenities, including padded seats.


  • Amazing 50 yard line view;
  • Exclusive access to an on-field standing area only 5 yards behind the Giants sideline;
  • Opportunity to watch the Giants leave the locker room to take the field.

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing


  • Cheaper tickets on the upper level;
  • Easy access to the Captain Morgan Bar located directly below to purchase alcohol and socialize.

Recommended Seats for Keeping Warm


  • Access to a climate controlled club lounge;
  • Coaches Club lounge features viewing areas of the field from inside;
  • Complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverage are a great reason to visit the warm lounge.


  • Access to a climate controlled club lounge;
  • Views of the field through the windows in the enclosed Club Lounges;
  • Fewer rows makes for quicker trips to go warm up.


  • Access to a climate controlled club lounge;
  • Coaches Club lounge features viewing areas of the field from inside;
  • Complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverage are a great reason to visit the warm lounge.

Rows 16-30 in Sections111Cand115C:

  • Access to a climate controlled club lounge;
  • Chase and Lexus lounge features viewing areas of the field from inside;
  • Opportunity to purchase upscale food and beverages.

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at MetLife Stadium

As one of the NFL’s newest venues, MetLife Stadium reaps the benefits of being able to learn from the mistakes of older football venues. Owing to its outstanding sitelines, videoboard placements and overall layout, the home of the Jets and Giants is one of the best places to watch a football game.

Excellent Sitelines on the Lower Level

As far as sitelines go, the best thing about MetLife Stadium is how the lower level sections are angled. You know that you’re going to get a comfortable look at midfield from sections near the 50-yardline, but the angle of adjacent sections gives fans comfortable looks all along the sideline. This means less head-turning for seeing the game and the stadium’s corner videoboards.

Our favorite seats on the 100 level are in sections 110-116 and 135-142. Specifically, we like rows 22 and above in these sections. Those rows give you the most comfortable views of the field and videoboard, and will also keep you close to the entrance at the top of each section. Sections 111C-115C are preferred due to their small size (fewer fans crowding you), but they come with the highest price tag as club seats for Jets and Giants games.

If you’d prefer an even more comfortable view than what is provided in the lower level, check out sideline sections on the 200 level. These club seats enjoy the same great angles and sitelines as the seats below them, and have some extra elevation for optimal comfort. As an added bonus, these sections are on the same plane as the videboards which makes for convenient glances at replays and stats.

Best Views of the Videoboard

If club and lower level sections are a little out of reach (they can get pricey), we highly recommend endzone sections on the 200 level. These seats offer a unique perspective of the game — either from the corner or directly behind the endzone — and the absolute best views of the videoboards.

MetLife Stadium opened with four videoboards, one in each corner of the stadium. While most stadiums have engaged in a sort-of «arms race» for largest videoboard, MetLife Stadium can boast about having some of the best-placed videoboards. Combined with the angles of the seating bowls, fans in nearly every seat can see replays and video without turning their neck sharply.

For the absolute best views of the scoreboards — and a not-too-shabby look at the field — consider sections 205, 206, 221, 222, 230, 231, 246 and 247. These sections are directly underneath each board and directly across from a board. The resulting views are fantastic. Just be sure to avoid the first four rows in these sections (and nearby endzone sections), as your view of the near endzone can be obstructed by the wall at the front of each section.

Avoiding the Railings on the 300 Level

While the two lower levels of MetLife Stadium make it fairly easy to find great tickets to a Jets or Giants game, the upper deck is a bit more complicated. The 300 level has a number of entrance tunnels, railings and short walls that limit your view and dampen your overall experience.

While it pains us to say it, the first two rows of the 300 level should be completely avoided. The railings at the front of these sections are over-sized and make it near impossible to see the field clearly. You’ll either end up on the edge of your seat all afternoon trying to see over the railing, or you’ll spend the entire game trying to find the perfect siteline through the railing. Either way, it’s not worth it.

For the best experience, move up a few seats to rows 3 and 4. From here you’ll be able to see comfortably over the railing, and you’ll be just below the section tunnel for easy concourse access.

If inventory in rows 3 and 4 is limited, the next best thing is to head up to row 12 or higher. These rows require walking up quite a few stairs, but they’re a safe bet for a clear view. Rows up to and including 11 can have some level of obstruction from the section tunnels.

Where to buy tickets?

Ticket Office Locations: There are ticket offices located at each of the entrance gates to assist with ticket sales and the reprint of lost/stolen tickets. Please note there may be a fee associated with a ticket reprint. Locations that are open will vary by event.

Ticket Office Hours:The ticket office will be open from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for advance ticket sales. On event days, the ticket office will open approximately 3 hours prior to event time. The ticket office will close at halftime/intermission on event days.

If you have obtained tickets in non-accessible seating and require the accessible features of these seating sections, please call to make arrangements for accessible seating in advance of the event. If you have obtained seating in an accessible section and do not require the features of this type of seating, please call to exchange your seating into a non-accessible section based on availability.

A ticket to a Giants game is among the highest in the NFL at an average of $123 a ticket, compared to about $94 to watch a Jets game. The price to park could cost anywhere from $30 to $50 and may require off-site parking with a shuttle bus, and there are not too many deals to be found at the concession lines. The demand and price for a Giants game have been high since the team moved to New Jersey in 1976 and is one of the toughest tickets to find, but with secondary markets on the internet offering less than market prices, you might be able to find a way not to break your wallet.

How to get there?

Directions to MetLife Stadium by Car

MetLife Stadium
One MetLife Stadium Drive
East Rutherford, NJ 07073

When using GPS, please enter:

50 Route 120
East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Turn-By-Turn Directions:

MetLife Stadium is easily accessible by car and bordered by major roadways including the New Jersey Turnpike.

From the George Washington Bridge

Take the George Washington Bridge to the New Jersey Turnpike South. Take the Turnpike’s western spur to one of the Sports Complex’s exits, 16W or 18W. These exits provide direct access to the Sports Complex parking areas.

From New York City and points east

Take the Lincoln Tunnel and follow signs for Route 3 West. Take Route 3 West to the Sports Complex.

Traveling North on the New Jersey Turnpike

Follow the Western Spur (Sports Complex to Exit 16W), which provides direct access to Sports Complex parking areas. If the roadway is congested, use the eastern turnpike spur (Lincoln Tunnel) to exit 16E to take Route 3 West which provides direct access to the Sports Complex parking areas.

Traveling South on the Garden State Parkway

Garden State Parkway South to exit 163 (Route 17). Follow Route 17 to Paterson Plank Road. Take Paterson Plank Road east to the Sports Complex.

Traveling North on the Garden State Parkway

Garden State Parkway North to exit 153A (Route 3). Follow Route 3 East to the Sports Complex.

From the West — I — 80

  1. Merge onto I-80 East.
  2. Continue onto US-46 East.
  3. Make a slight right at NJ-3 East.
  4. Follow signs to the Sports Complex.

From the East — I — 80

  1. Merge onto I-80 West.
  2. Proceed to Route 17 South to Paterson Plank Road.
  3. Follow signs to the Sports Complex.

From West I — 78

  1. Take I-78 East (Express) Toward Newark.
  2. Take Exit onto I-95 North.
  3. Take Exit 16 W for NJ Route 3 toward Secaucus / Rutherford / Sports Complex.

From NJ Route 24

  1. Take Route 24 East.
  2. Take I-78 East (Express) Toward Newark.
  3. Take Exit onto I-95 North.
  4. Take Exit 16 W for NJ Route 3 toward Secaucus / Rutherford / Sports Complex.

Parking Lot Hours of Operation

  • The parking lots will typically open five (5) hours prior to the start of an event and will close two (2) hours after the conclusion of an event. Ticket holders arriving earlier than five (5) hours prior to the scheduled event time will not be permitted to enter the Sports Complex and may be directed to leave the roadways that service the Sports Complex.
  • The toll plazas will be staffed from 5 hours prior to event time until the end of the event.

Parking Fees for Non-NFL Events (Concerts, Soccer, etc.)

NOTE: Pre-paid parking permits are not required, nor available for purchase, for non-NFL events unless distributed as part of VIP or Suite Packages.

  • Cars: $30 Per;
  • Bus / RV: $120 Per Bus.

All Parking Fees are subject to change.

General Information:

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  • Parking Capacities are subject to change based on the size and type of event.
  • As you approach MetLife Stadium, there will be highway, street level and variable electronic message signs directing you to our parking lot entrances.
  • Ticket holders who have tickets in the general seating areas of MetLife Stadium will be directed to park in the parking lots that are closest to their point of entry into the Sports Complex. This will include parking on the east side (Arena lots) of the Sports Complex.
  • Circulation between parking lots will not be permitted.
  • To ensure safe and efficient travel throughout MetLife Sports Complex, please follow the directions of the Traffic and Parking Staff.
  • Trucks, trailers, buses and other oversized vehicles are not permitted to park in the enclosed parking deck on the east side of the Sports Complex (next to the Arena).
  • Illegal parking outside the Sports Complex on area roadways, medians, grass malls and vehicle breakdown lanes is prohibited. Violators will be ticketed by local law enforcement and/or towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Access to the parking lots, prior to posted opening time, and overnight parking are not permitted on theMetLife Sports Complex
  • Vehicles are subject to search by New Jersey State Police which could include a canine unit. Those ticket holders refusing a search of their vehicle will not be permitted to enter the Sports Complex.
  • It is recommended that ticket holders give themselves plenty of time for arrival to the game. Ticket holders are encouraged to enter the stadium early to become familiar with the routes to their seats, restroom locations, concessions stands/portables, merchandise locations etc.

The following vehicles are not permitted to occupy lined parking spaces unless they are single space in size:

  • Limousines/black car services;
  • Buses;
  • Taxis/limousines/black car services drop-offs and pickups: No charge if taxis/limousines drop off passengers at the designated drop-off/pickup point(s).

Accessible Parking / ADA (Guests with disabilities)

  • For non-NFL games (concerts, soccer matches, etc.) ticket holders with disabilities must have a valid ADA license plate or a valid ADA hang tag to gain access to the Sports Complex. The owner of the vehicle with the valid license plate or hang tag must be in the vehicle. Registrations and IDs will be checked.
  • Accessible parking is available in Lots E, F and G. A valid, state-issued accessible parking license plate or hang tag must be visible on any vehicle parking in these spaces. These parking areas will be closely monitored to ensure that only those who are authorized to park in the parking spaces designated for ticket holders with disabilities do so.
  • Traffic and Parking staff will direct ticket holders with disabilities, or having limited mobility, to the ADA parking spaces.
  • The dedicated drop-off area for guests with disabilities is located in Lot C, which is adjacent to the Verizon Gate. On-site signage and Traffic and Parking staff will direct guests to Lot C from all stadium roadway access points

Charter Bus Parking:

  • Charter bus parking will be located in Parking Lot L.

Taxis and Limousines Drop-Off and Pick Up Area

  • The designated area for all drop offs and pickups is between parking lots E + D. There is curb space along the roadway that provides a safe area to facilitate pre-event drop offs and post event pickups.
  • If a limousine or taxi driver has a pre-paid parking permit the vehicle will be permitted to enter the Sports Complex after paying an additional fee with either a credit card or cash, but will not be permitted to park in striped parking spaces if the vehicle takes up more than one parking space or will obstruct the drive aisle. The limousine or taxi will have to be parked along a curb or in a location that does not block traffic and the driver must remain with the car.

Travel Advisory

Port Authority Bus Terminal to initiate gate changes effective September 8th to improve efficiency and service reliability. Changes may affect NFL game day travel.

For all weekend NFL games, Gates 410, 411, 412 and 413 at the Port Authority of New York will now be used for the 351 Bus Service.

For Weekday games, gate will be at Area X.

Please visit for details.

NJ TRANSIT Rail Service

NJ TRANSIT will operate the Meadowlands Rail Service for events with anticipated attendance above 50,000.

New Jersey Transit System Map

Most of NJ TRANSIT’S rail system connects at the Frank R. Lautenberg train station in Secaucus, N.J., which allows fans from the region to quickly and efficiently reach MetLife Stadium.

The Meadowlands Rail Service delivers guests directly to the front door of MetLife Stadium.

Trains leave from Secaucus Junction and the Hoboken Terminal, both located on the NJ Transit Line. For more details on the NJ Transit Line click here

The travel time between the Secaucus Junction train station and the Sports Complex station is approximately 10 minutes. The round-trip fare from Secaucus to the Sports Complex is $4.50 and $11.00 from New York Penn Station. Rail service commences approximately three and one half (3 1/2) hours prior to kickoff or an event and ends one (1) hour after the game or event.

Park and Ride (Rail)

A pre-paid parking permit will be required for all vehicles entering the Sports Complex (Stadium and IZOD Center sides of the Complex). Ticket holders who do not have parking permits can park at the Edison Park Fast parking lot located next to the Frank R. Lautenberg Train Station in Secaucus, NJ (Secaucus Junction). The station is located off Exit 15X on the eastern extension of the New Jersey Turnpike (675 New Country Road at Seaview Drive, Secaucus, N.J., 07094). Ticket holders can park in this 1,100-space parking lot and take the Meadowlands rail service to MetLife Sports Complex. The parking lot is open 24 hours a day. The cost to park in this lot will be $20 per game or $160 for the season. Visit for more information about the Park and Ride.


Riders from New York or Connecticut can take select Metro-North trains from the New Haven line to Grand Central Station, where they can take the Subway to Penn Station. From Penn Station, guests will board NJ Transit Train to the Secaucus Line. Guests should visit MTA Metro-North Railroad’s website or call the MNRR Travel Information line for information on schedules and service locations. The Travel Information line is staffed between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM on Mondays through Fridays, and an automated system is available during other times.

Coach USA Bus Service (Route Number 351)

Coach USA provides the 351 Meadowlands Express bus service from the Port Authority to the MetLife Sports Complex for NFL games and other large events at MetLife Stadium. The 351 bus service will begin two and one half (2 1/2) hours prior to the start of a game and will continue to run until one half hour (1/2) after the start of a game. The 351 bus line will be operational for approximately one (1) hour following the conclusion of the game. Drop-off and pick-up at the Sports Complex is located near Parking Lot K. A round-trip ticket costs $14.00 and a one-way ticket is $7.00. Please visit for more information.


As the proud official rideshare partner of MetLife Stadium, the New York Giants, and the New York Jets, Uber’s committed to helping you get home.

A designated Uber Zone is located in Lot E off of West Peripheral Road, right outside of the Verizon Gate. When you request a ride from MetLife Stadium, your pickup location will default to a pin in the official Uber Zone. Once you request, head to the official Uber Zone in Lot E and look out for a call or text from your driver to let you know which row they are parked in.

Best seats and capacity of MetLife Stadium (3)

Recommended Nearby Hotels for All Events

Hampton Inn at the Meadowlands

304 Paterson Plank Road
Carlstadt, N.J. 07072

The Hampton Inn at the Meadowlands is conveniently located next to MetLife Stadium and just minutes away from New York City! We offer a free courtesy shuttle service via Redd’s Restaurant to MetLife Stadium for all events. Our guests enjoy complimentary parking and high-speed wireless internet as well as a deluxe hot and cold breakfast, all inclusive. Our recently updated rooms feature an HD/LCD TV, mini fridge, microwave, iron and board, hairdryer, alarm clock, coffeemaker, and electronic safe.

Fairfield Executive Inn Best Western Plus

216 U.S. Highway 46 East
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Located 10 minutes away from MetLife Stadium and 15 minutes away from New York City, The Best Western Plus Fairfield Executive Inn has been completely renovated and features a restaurant and large sports bar, indoor pool and whirlpool, and state of the art fitness center. All of our rooms feature an HD/LCD TV, mini fridge, microwave, iron and board, hairdryer, alarm clock, coffeemaker, and electronic safe. We offer a complimentary deluxe continental breakfast and complimentary high speed wireless Internet access.

Hampton Inn & Suites Fairfield

118 U.S. Highway 46 East
Fairfield, NJ 07004

The Hampton Inn & Suites Fairfield is just 8 miles away from MetLife Stadium and 15 minutes away from New York City. All of our rooms were renovated in 2011 and feature an HD/LCD TV, mini fridge, microwave, iron and board, hairdryer, alarm clock, and coffeemaker. Our hotel offers a complimentary deluxe expanded hot and cold breakfast and complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access and features a restaurant, lobby bar, indoor pool with whirlpool, and state of the art fitness center.

The Holland Hotel

175 12th Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

The Holland Hotelis conveniently located just 15 minutes away from MetLife stadium and less than 2 minutes away from the Holland Tunnel and PATH trains. Our select service hotel offers a great location in addition to an excellent value! We serve a complimentary breakfast featuring freshly baked goods from Calandra’s Bakery and offer free high-speed wireless Internet access. Our rooms were recently renovated and feature cable TV, mini fridge, microwave, alarm clock, and electronic safe.

Where to eat?

Visitors to the football stadium will see an abundance of concession items that should satisfy their palettes.The food selection is varied with a few specialty items quite impressive and locally made.It is advised to look around or check out the stadium’s website for a complete selection before making a decision.

There is quite a bit to choose from at the game from local to international cuisine: Bahnbekyu offers Korean pulled pork with carrot cabbage slaw sliders, the BBQ Shack offers rib combos and bacon on a stick, Global Pies sells meat pies, and Premio Sausage has the iconic sausage, peppers, and onion sandwich on its menu.

Visitors can also order the basics: stadium hot dog, knish, popcorn, pretzels, nachos, and Pepsi products.Then again it hard to pass up traditional and boneless chicken wings at WingMan NYC and tacos and burritos at Taco’s Raqueros.


There have been many who have noted that the atmosphere between a Giants and Jets game at MetLife Stadium is vastly different, but how?The Giant fan has a more corporate feel and there may have been quite a few fans of the team who have been priced out due to personal seat licenses.Whatever it may be, the stadium is packed and ticket demand is still high for Big Blue.

The Jet fan is what the Giant fan was back in the 70s – 90s: electric, energetic, and vocal for every play no matter what the score.Maybe it’s because over the years they have had more hard times than the Giant fan and they’ve turned that into a good time and party atmosphere (plus you can get tickets for around $40).

The atmosphere begins with the massive amount of barbecue grills that line up in the parking lot before the game.The tailgating scene is top notch and one of the best in NFL–the parking lot is the perfect canvas for the pre-game tradition.If you don’t want to bring your own grill, Metlife Central has all your needs from live music, beers, and food.

MetLife is big and many fans miss the circular ramps that easily brought them to their sections at Giant Stadium; the entrance does get crowded and one needspatience going through security and then up the multiple escalators.It might be wise to check out the official team store located on the lower level.

The Legacy Room is worth visiting offering a wealth of team history that includes jerseys, player busts, photos, memorabilia, and four Super Bowl trophies.The room is open before and during the game and is one of the few areas that adds a flavor to the home of the Giants.

The stadium itself is rather basic in design, much like its predecessor, and is designed with the intention of watching football.There are no obstructions from anywhere in the building and even with many of the high-level seats, there is still not a bad seat in the stadium.There arefour massive 30’x 118’ HD video display boards in each corner of the stadium andover 2,200 HDTVs throughout the stadium’s concourse and seating levels.

The crew at MetLife Stadium make the place feel home for the Giants by swapping out the colors of green to blue in the team store, exterior and interior lighting, wall wraps, and photos throughout the concourse.The 200 banners that hang outside the stadium are also individually changed between games.


MetLife Stadium is located in the Meadowlands Sports Complex in the middle of a vast parking lot that makes it ideal for tailgating before the game but does not allow access to any nearby restaurants or bars.That could change as American Dreams Meadowlands retail and entertainment complex is currently under construction near the stadium.

The complex itself was originally swampland and is now surrounded by a racetrack and intersecting interstates and neighboring residential communities of North Jersey.Manhattan is only six miles away from the complex and depending on the mode of travel, can take less than 30 minutes.

However, if staying in New Jersey check out the Tic Toc Diner for a wide variety of food and their iconic dish of Disco Fries.Brix City Brewery, Bolero Snort Brewery, and New Jersey Beer Company are worth having a few samples of pints at after the game.Also, New Jersey is one of the best cities for sports betting, according


The Giant fan is more direct vocally letting you know the rules of the game, how they feel on every single down, and their disgust when their team has failed them.They will get up and leave booing all the way to the car.On the flipside, they are just as vocal and generous with accolades when the team is doing well; however, one slip-up (even in a blowout game the Giants are winning) and they will still let you know their dissatisfaction.

Either way, it’s still a great crowd of fans that enjoy the game of NFL football and you’ll find yourself joining in, even the novice fan will get an education of how the game is played from the Giants’ fans.

Best seats and capacity of MetLife Stadium (4)


The architects were tasked with designing a neutral stadium that would still embody the distinct personalities of both franchises. The designers used the column/tower dynamic seen in many of Manhattan’s skyscrapers as inspiration for the stadium’s design.The base of the stadium’s facade is clad in limestone-like stonework while the rest of the stadium is distinguished by an outer skin of aluminum louvers and glass and by interior lighting capable of switching colors, depending on which team is currently playing–blue for the Giants and green for the Jets.

Unlike a number of other new NFL venues, MetLife Stadium does not have a roof, as proposals to include a roof failed, over a dispute for funding. Thus, indoor events such as the Final Four cannot be held at the facility, which runs counter to the original aims for a new stadium in northern New Jersey.

Ten giant high-definition-ready light emitting diode (LED) pylons, located at the north, south, east and west entrances, display videos of the team currently in-house.

The new stadium seating bowl is laid out similar to that of Giants Stadium and has seating for 82,500 people, including 10,005 club seats and approximately 218 luxury suites, making it the largest NFL stadium in terms of total seating. The seating bowl is also raked in a way that eliminates overhangs from the upper decks that would impede views and allows fans to see the full arc of a 90-foot punt.

DLR Group partnered with NRG Energy to design and install a «Solar Ring» on the upper rim of MetLife Stadium. The Solar Ring consists of 1,350 building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solar panels assembled into 47 individual frames.


As Giants Stadium approached 30 years of age, it was becoming one of the older stadiums in the NFL. The Jets, who had been the lesser tenants at the stadium (which was called simply «The Meadowlands» for Jets games), sought to have their own stadium built in Manhattan proper, the proposed West Side Stadium.

Originally intended to be the 85,000-seat main stadium for New York’s bid for the Summer Olympics, it was designed to be downsized to 75,000 seats for the Jets. However, the West Side Stadium would have required significant public funding, which collapsed. The Jets then entered into a joint venture with the Giants to build a new stadium in which the two teams would be equal partners.

Best seats and capacity of MetLife Stadium (2024)


What is the best seat at MetLife Stadium? ›

For those looking for the best seats without a club price tag, the lower level sideline sections are a great option. Sections 137-140 on the west sideline are highly recommended as they provide a fantastic view of the game, especially Section 139, due to its location on the 50-yard line.

What are the best seats at a Giants game? ›

You'll want to target your search on the Field Club seats in the lower level or the club level seats on the second seating deck. The most desirable seats at a Giants game are those found in the lettered rows of sections 107-124.

What are the seats like at MetLife Stadium? ›

MetLife Stadium features 82,500 seats, all with incredible sightlines. Throughout the game, fans are treated to increased leg room and seat width. Replays are shown on each of the crystal clear video boards in high definition that not even the fans at home can see.

Where is the best place to sit in a stadium? ›

Anywhere aligned with the center of the field is a very good seat. However, the best place to sit on the 50-yard line is around 10-20 rows up. This section allows someone to have full vision of the field and turn their head in equal directions both ways to watch the game.

Are mezzanine seats good at MetLife Stadium? ›

The Mezzanine Clubs are identical clubs that are located along the sidelines of the second level on the east and west sides of the stadium. The Mezzanine Clubs span over 42,000 square feet and provide for an upscale gameday experience with great field views and sophisticated dining.

How much are beers at MetLife Stadium? ›

If you go to MetLife stadium to watch the New York Jets and you want a cold beer you're in luck. The Jets are tied with the Lions and Falcons as the least expensive stadium to buy a beer at an average of $6.25 for a 16 oz. beer. $6.25 is pretty hefty; if you have 4 guys and you're buying a round it'll cost you $25.00.

What are considered the best seats in baseball? ›

Best seats for baseball game include the ones behind home plate and the team's dugout. These two spots are the most sought-after. What is this?

What is the difference between view box and view reserve? ›

The lettered rows in each View Level section are also referred to as View Box. These aren't actual box seats with amenities. But they are located at the front of each section which means they have closer views and shorter walks to the concourse. Numbered rows in each section are known as View Reserve.

Do club seats at MetLife Stadium include food? ›

The MetLife 50 Club guarantees you an exciting gameday experience. These mid-field seats include access to the MetLife 50 club featuring all-inclusive upscale food and non-alcoholic beverages and access to the private field-level patio directly behind the opposing team's bench.

What are considered the best seats at a football game? ›

The best seats for any NFL game will differ from stadium to stadium, so if you know which NFL stadium you are attending you should read the specific NFL seating chart reviews above. Nonetheless, as a general rule of thumb, the best football seats are close to the 50-yard line and are roughly between rows 10 and 20.

Which seats at MetLife are covered? ›

The upper endzone seats of MetLife Stadium are covered in rows five and above. The sunny side of the field includes sideline sections on the east side of the field.

Is it better to sit in the end zone or sideline? ›

It totally depends on your preference and who you are. Some prefer to be right on the field and go as low as possible no matter where the seats are. Some may want a view of the entire field and go to the nosebleeds along the side of the field.

Is it better to sit high or low at a football game? ›

Best Overall Seats at an NFL Game: Club Level, First Row

Most NFL stadiums feature a club level on the second deck of seating, just above the lower level. If you recall, sitting near row 30 in the lower level is the perfect height. So if you're just above that in the club level, you're also getting a top-notch view.

What are the best seats in the Eagles stadium? ›

The best seats for a Philadelphia Eagles game are located in the sections closest to midfield. AKA those in the lower and club levels (and in the first few rows of the 200 level). Those sitting at the 100 level want to aim to sit above row 10.

What is the difference between MetLife 50 Club and Coaches Club? ›

The primary difference is that the MetLife 50 club is on the visitor side of the field, while the Coaches Club is on the Jets side of the field. All club seats are located between the 40 yardlines and are within 30 rows of the field.

Which is the sunny side of MetLife Stadium? ›

And the seats in the sun at MetLife Stadium are located: On the Jets and Giants side of the field. In rows closer to the field and not under cover.

What are the best seats in a concert stadium? ›

For the best view, choose seats that are toward the middle of the venue, near the stage, and which aren't behind obstructions like pillars or the sound booth. Buy your tickets early for better chances at getting a good seat.


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